Rising Reader Teacher Testimonials

Discover what our teachers say about Readorium Rising Reader, our reading software for Grades 3 – 5.

In this video, teachers describe how their students can’t wait to get to school to use Rising Reader, are now hooked on reading, and increase their reading level while having fun with our reading games and rewards.

Rising Reader Student Testimonials

From reading raps to answering questions in fun ways, our students explain what they like best about Rising Reader and how it helps them to become better readers.

Watch as they share their heart-warming stories about reading with Rising Reader!

Readorium Scholar Teacher Testimonials

See what excites teachers about Readorium Scholar, our middle-school program.

Teachers share how after using Readorium Scholar, their students are eager to pick up nonfiction books, make new connections with what they read, and develop a love for reading.

Readorium Scholar Student Testimonials

Enjoy these heart-warming stories as students share their enthusiasm for Readorium and reading non-fiction.

Students even reveal some of their secrets about how they improved their reading ability with Readorium Scholar.

Meet One of Our National Winners

Meet Mousstapha, one of our Readorium National Winners!

Watch as he shares what science topics he liked best in Readorium, and learn what advice he gives to other students for achieving success with reading.

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