Readorium and A+STEM Lab Partnership

NY and NJ September 14, 2018:

Readorium and A+ STEM Labs are excited to announce their partnership. Readorium is an award-winning web-based science reading program. It helps build students’ background knowledge in science, as well as increase their nonfiction reading comprehension skills. A+ STEM Labs manufactures a turn-key mobile teaching platform that provides grade-appropriate, technology-driven, STEM learning. With over 1,000 Labs delivered to K-12 schools, A+ STEM Labs make it easy for teachers to utilize technology within their classroom, helping them to better manage classroom time while delivering dynamic presentation of curriculum content.

Both Readorium and A+ STEM Labs share the mutual goal of helping children achieve academic success by igniting a love of learning and science. This partnership will enable each elementary and middle school implementing A+ STEM Labs solutions, to receive Readorium for a class of their choice.

Global economic and technological advances have dramatically impacted the work place, creating a demand for more qualified workers. The U.S. educational system is not producing enough engineers and scientists to meet the challenges of today’s work place. The need for greater student engagement with STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is paramount. The goal of this new partnership is to excite students about STEM by equipping them with the ability to excel in STEM subject areas. Consequently, we provide both hands-on experiences and the necessary reading comprehension skills to understand science concepts.

“We are thrilled to be able to offer Readorium in conjunction with our Mobile STEM Labs,” says Bill Waibel, Founding Principal of A+ STEM Labs. “Reading proficiency is a key skill that impacts academic performance, and with Readorium, A+STEM Labs can now help students greatly increase their reading comprehension skills as they explore STEM subjects through experimentation.”

“Reading is one thing; understanding is another, and students must understand science text in order to be successful.” says Readorium founder, Harriet Isecke.  “We are delighted to partner with A+ Stem Labs.  Students will benefit from the exciting approach to exploring science content through hands-on A + experiments, coupled with a strong background in understanding science concepts through reading.”

About Readorium

Readorium provides a motivating and interactive reading experience, designed to enhance students’ science comprehension. It has won the 2018 International Reimagine Award for K-12 Education, the 2016 CODiE Award for Best Reading/English/Language Arts/Instructional Solution and is also recommended by the National Science Teachers Association.

About A+ STEM Labs

A+ STEM Labs is a pioneer in developing portable, turn-key, integrated technology solutions that allow teachers to present STEM-related lessons (science, technology, engineering & math) in ways that excite and engage students.  To date, there have been more than 1,000 mobile labs deployed in the New York City school system, offering a range of teaching platforms tailored for best teaching STEM, as well as dedicated solutions for multimedia presentation and classroom laptop management.

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A + STEM Labs

Bill Waibel, Founding Principal