Possible Initiative – Launching Stem Success!

If children know there is someone standing over them who knows all the answers, they are less inclined to find the answers for themselves.” -Sugata Mitra


Readorium – Launching STEM Success…

Scientists are naturally curious about the world, and we must capture that curiosity in our students. Imagine a classroom where your students independently read and understand rich science text, make thoughtful observations, ponder big STEM questions, form hypotheses, conduct experiments to test and retest their hypotheses, analyze data, draw conclusions, and present their findings. Readorium’s Launching STEM Success Continuum will enable students to do just that! First, students learn the foundational strategies needed to understand rigorous science text, with books and supports that adapt to each of them as they read. Next, students participate in “Choose you Own Exploration” type simulations designed to teach them the research skills needed to deeply explore topics, and answer big STEM questions that pique their interest. Then, they will be seamlessly connected to multiple state-of-the-art technologies that will enable them to test their hypotheses and draw conclusions. Finally, they will learn effective presentation skills, enhancing the knowledge of their classmates as well as their own.

Imagine your students embarking on real research!

How would you like your students to become science researchers?  Do you feel it would benefit them to learn how to comprehend rich science text with books that adapt to their needs, and then learn how to explore the Big STEM questions that pique their interest?  This could be accomplished during one marking period, or throughout the school year with the Readorium Launching Stem Success Project.  For more information call us at 201.836.8403.

Help us collect data!

As we research how to incorporate new technologies into Readorium to help students explore big STEM questions. we need input from educators like you. Thank you filling out the short survey!