Class of the Month

Our February National Gold Medal Class Award goes to…

Mr. Clementelli’s 7A Wolfe Class, at the Heywood Avenue School in the Orange NJ Public School District!

Congratulations! Mr. Clementelli’s class earned a total of 122 gold medals, averaging more than 7 per student! Gold medals are hard to earn, because students need to answer high-level science questions correctly with one try, without ANY hints!

Mr. Clementelli feels that the winning students lead the way as great examples to the other students working on Readorium in the building. This is his class’s 2nd year using Readorium, and he sees great improvements in student achievement within the program and in classwork. His students work hard to be the first to make it into their exclusive Millionaire Party (reserved for those who become Millionaires within the Readorium system). They know that with quality work comes reward, and Readorium helps to remind them of that value.

The students and I really appreciate you recognizing their great achievement. It’s always wonderful when students are making their own connections and I hear them saying “Oh yeah, I read about this in Readorium’ during class. Thank you for providing the support to keep our students” learning a success. It’s often hard to get them off of Readorium.
My favorite part about Readorium is how we challenge each other to make us better and complete our assignments