S.O.S: Homework Help For Parents

It may be summer but what better time to learn how to help them with their homework.

Does your child struggle to complete his homework? Are you tired of the nightly battles over it? Well, battle no more. We have tips and strategies that you can use to painlessly help your child complete his homework.

Helping Him Succeed

In addition to its effect on his grades, homework can help a child understand how to be self-dependent in finding and using information. You can help him succeed. The first step to take is your own. Whether you have had arguments about his homework in the past, now is the time to start fresh. This is a problem to solve, not a battle to win. If you yell at him for his homework, he will resist any effort to fix the problem. Make peace with your child before moving on.

However, as PBS Parents offers, “Recognize that homework will never be conflict-free.” Almost every child struggles on this front, and sometimes homework is just not fun. You can still help your child conquer the homework beast.

Find Out Why He’s Struggling

You need to understand why he is struggling with his homework. Set aside a time on a night when no homework is due to talk to him about the problem. There can be many reasons, including:

  • A medical issue. Perhaps he cannot see the board or hear the teacher. You may need to have his eyes or ears checked.
  • A subject issue. If he is struggling with a single subject, it can either be the type of thinking required for the subject (visual, abstract, etc.) or it can be a problem with the teacher or the other students in the class. If he struggles with math, here are some tips from Understood on how to help him.
  • A learning challenge. Are his classes too difficult, too easy, or too stressful? Does he understand the topic but not the way homework is presented? If he has some learning challenges, you may need to work with his teacher to find solutions.
  • A focus problem. If he is highly distracted at home, you may need to set up a quiet work area for him.

Making Homework Pleasant

Once you’ve made headway on your child’s homework struggle, it’s time to put everything in place to make homework painless for him.

Setting Him Up For Success

Your child might need some clear boundaries and support for motivating him to work. When he comes home, give him time to unwind, the same way you do after work. Give him a healthy snack with protein to boost his brain.

Schedule a time for him to do his homework, from start to finish, and regularly stick to it. Remove all distractions during this time and give him the tools he needs to get the job done. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a marathon. Let him take breaks when he needs them.

Provide Rewards

Teachhub.com recommends using incentives just like employees get at their job. This real-world training will motivate him to get his work done. For example, after a few weeks of doing homework on time, you can reward him with a fun treat or an outdoor family activity, like planning a camping trip, having a treasure hunt or going on a bike ride. Print out this advanced homework chart from Empowering Parents to help keep track.

Help Him Learn

Even if the homework itself is rather boring, you can creatively help your child conquer difficulties with the subject. Investigate the topic together. Create real-world examples of the subject matter. A wise parent will use the rewards that incorporate learning on the subject itself, using opportunities for outdoor learning activities like these from Earth Science Jr.

You can help your child complete his homework without a major battle. Set your child up for success by finding the cause of his difficulties. Then, create the right atmosphere, provide incentives, and help him learn to complete his work without a fight.



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