[NEWS] Readorium’s First National Gold Medal of the Month Contest

We are very proud to announce National Gold Medal Class of the Month Contest! Readorium students from all over the U.S. compete for this award, to earn the highest number of gold medals in the Readorium software platform. Gold medals are the highest achievements students can earn within Readorium, awarded when students complete higher-level comprehension questions without using any of the available hints. They encourage students to read and re-read carefully and analytically in order to get the answers right on the first try. You can read more about the pedagogical methods we use here.

The first ever recipient of the award, for February 2017 was Mr. Clementelli’s class, 7A Wolfe, from the Heywood Avenue School in the Orange NJ Public School District. Mr Clementelli class earned a total of 122  gold medals, averaging more than 7 per student! This is a wonderful achievement and we are very proud of him and his students. You can learn more about his class on our contest page.


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  1. a.c

    I am a student that attends Heywood Avenue School and is very proud of the hard work ethic and determination they put into this challenge. Shout out to Mr.Clementelli which no longer attends Heywood as a staff.

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